Insurance Carrier Consulting

Grow Sales and Increase Retention by Working with an Expert

Troy has a proven track record for advising Insurance Carrier Executives and Distribution Leaders.

As an Insurance industry expert, Troy Korsgaden is a highly sought after consultant for both large and small
insurance carriers.

Profitability hinges on good systems, and Troy helps carrier executives and distribution leaders set up systems
that work:

  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Recruiting
  • Training

Continuity programs are paramount to your organization’s success. Creating and implementing the right protocols for sales, follow-up and relationship building at the agency level can significantly increase productivity.

Korsgaden International can help you keep agents working at maximum efficiency, and agencies producing
outstanding results.

Agency Growth Means Carrier Growth

We understand that by continually improving your internal processes, you stay ahead of the competition. An insurance company is only as good as its agencies, and an agency is only as good as its agents and staff.

We partner with corporations to set them up for success.

  • Recruiting and training systems that bring in the right people
  • Marketing and distribution systems for companies of all sizes
  • Sales strategies that support rapid and sustained growth
  • Measurement tools that gage effectiveness of both programs and people

Through our comprehensive suite of insurance carrier consulting services, Korsgaden International assists companies in finding their place in the market, and ensuring that their agents and staff are well-prepared to take advantage of it.

We work alongside carrier organizations to develop a comprehensive productivity strategy that ensures every agent – and agency – is an asset. Our goal is to help you create strong agencies that provide maximum return on investment.

Setting up for Long-Term Success

Insurance consultant Troy Korsgaden has more than 30 years of insurance industry expertise to draw on. He and the Korsgaden International team will deliver real results, no matter what your current situation.

These days, every carrier must have tactics for setting themselves apart. Executives must help agents navigate the changing insurance industry, and find a way to keep sales and retention high, no matter how uncertain the market

Our consulting approach focuses not just on strategy, but also on practical steps to reach your goals. We want to understand your objectives, and what makes you different. Working directly with corporate teams to improve operations and distribution strategy, we are dedicated to creating long-term relationships with the carriers we serve.

A Confident Carrier Partner

Troy Korsgaden is not just a consultant; he helps insurance carriers implement systems that get results.

If you are a carrier executive looking to grow sales, increase retention and improve return on investment, let Korsgaden International show you how.