IT Consulting

The right tools allow carriers to understand the opportunities available and position agency forces to take advantage
of them.

Korsgaden International offers a suite of technology solutions to help organizations measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts and the profitability of sales people.

Lead generation & management
Sales automation
Sales force tracking & measurement

These tools help organizations improve the processes of acquiring new business, retaining customers, managing staff and distributing business resources.

Comprehensive sales production data allows efficiency and increased ROI. Results are organized by product line, product count, and individual sales person. You will be able to instantly identify the top producers and the products that are performing best.

You’ll receive real-time, easy to understand results, both for individual sales reps, and for the organization as a whole. As you focus on meeting goals, you’ll be able to quickly identify when an individual is falling behind.

Detailed ROI reports reveal the effectiveness of marketing efforts and the profitability of your sales force.

Evaluate the effect of a particular sales rep on your bottom line
Compare current production levels to production in previous years
Gage the effectiveness of current sales and marketing efforts

And, best of all, a simple, customizable interface allows you to create specific metrics and incentive systems just for your business.

Lead Generation & Management
Korsgaden International empowers organizations to move leads efficiently through the sales funnel, and keep them engaged after the sale, enabling cross-selling and customer retention.

You’ll be able to predict and manage your sales pipeline with ease.

Capture details about your prospects and customers
Share information easily across your organization
Adjust lead acquisition, marketing and sales systems as needed

With a system that manages every step of the sales cycle, you will be confident that your organization delivers an excellent customer experience.

Sales Automation
Automated sales and marketing campaigns are made easy through streamlined task management, and fully customizable workflow management. Korsgaden International will help you determine whether your business is running efficiently and at peak productivity.

Plan & analyze your sales process to identify opportunities
Segment your database in order to match prospective buyers with products
Identify your most profitable clients and purchase leads accordingly

You will be able to easily track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, the productivity of your team, and your return on investment.

A Confident Carrier Partner
Troy Korsgaden is not just a consultant; he helps insurance carriers implement systems that get results.

If you are a carrier executive looking to grow sales and increase retention and improve return on investment, let Korsgaden International show you how.