Specialization: The Master Key to Agency Transformation (Free)

SpecializationDoes the level of success you dreamed of for your agency always seem just out of reach? Are you working hard, but not growing as fast as you had hoped?

It’s time to consider a change in structure. Specialization can have an immediate impact on your business, and put you on the path to achieving your revenue goals.

This book is your roadmap for how to transition from a ‘generalist’ agency structure to a ‘specialist’ structure. Instead of focusing on the traditionally heavy lines of insurance, like auto, learn to grow all lines – and dramatically increase your profitability!

Troy Korsgaden’s proven method shows you how to transition the structure of your agency over time, as you grow, by taking strategic steps each time new revenue streams are created.

This book is designed to help you increase your book of business and grow your agency quickly – but carefully – by increasing all lines of insurance at the same time.

Creating a specialist structure can immediately increase efficiency, retention and revenue in your agency. Get started on your transformation today!

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