Success & Sanity

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“This book is written for the person who is driven professionally, but who doesn’t want to screw up their personal life.” -Troy Korsgaden


Troy’s new book, Success & Sanity, is his honest account about his struggles to attain a balanced life – one infused with peace, meaningful relationships, and a compelling purpose.

While Troy writes with the same wit, business excellence, consulting fervor and enthusiasm as in his previous books, Success & Sanity is a transparent account of how his tenacious drive constantly threatened to derail his life.

By observing the successes and failures of others, experiencing his own, and making major changes in his life, Troy has learned some of his biggest lessons. He has found the keys to success and sanity, and he has embarked on a lifelong process to apply these principles.

In the coming years, Troy expects plenty of ups and downs, but he has more insights and skills to handle them – and he’s sharing his knowledge in this new book.

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